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Pleasure Boost Meditation- Juliette Karaman

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In any given moment the choice is ours to reap the beauty and stunning aliveness out of every breath.  You will be guided into a realm of pleasure that supersedes our 3 dimensional world.  Merging the spirit, body, mind through subliminals and vocals is sure to leave you with a sense of awe of yourself and your surroundings.  You will be able to take this renewed pleasure into your everyday life.  When we are operating from a place of pleasure, the world just looks different.  Our outlook is one of openness and wonder.  

  • Fully HD Compliant
  • Beautiful Vocals From Juliette Karaman
  • Supra and Subliminal Frequency infused
  • Scales to any device (Pc, Laptop, Mobile)
  • Downloadable MP4
  • Meditation Length 8 Minutes

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I'm Juliette, Coach, Teacher and Writer on relationships, healing, sex and intimacy.  I specialize in the reinvention of the most intimate relationship in life, the one you have with yourself.  I am dedicated to bringing holistic change to peoples lives, one way is through my meditations.   

My passion is to help, support and guide people to "feel fully you".  

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