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Mental Clarity Meditation - Christine Borschneck

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Within the recesses of the mind we have chatter, confusion and busyness that keeps us from accessing the deeper realms of possibility and wisdom.  Once we remove the clutter our mind becomes a beacon for new possibility allowing us to see solutions to problems.  Creativity and new ideas start to flow and allowing the mind to start to slow down.  Often times we feel like our mind is like a hamster on a wheel and we are caged in with no way to stop the repetitive thoughts.  This mediation allows for a break from our busy mind.  

  • Supra and subliminal sound induction
  • Awesome visualizations
  • Fully HD Compliant
  • VR capabilities
  • Vocals by Christine Borschneck

  • Meditation Length 10 Minutes

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Hi, my name is Christine, and it’s a pleasure to have you here!  Thank you for taking a look around. 

If there is anything specific you are working with and would like a mediation built for you, I would love to create that.  I've created scripts from birthing, through to lives trials and tribulations and onto peaceful passing away scripts. I would love to assist anyway I can, don't hesitate to reach out.  

I work with individuals who long the ability to take control of their lives and embrace a more whole, happy and passionate version of themselves without the fear and shame which surrounds these transformations.

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